Galvin ~ Bistrot de Luxe

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Galvin 66 Baker Street, London, W1U 7DJ

The Place: One of the well known French family Galvin Restaurants. They are all Michelin starred and this is, I believe, the original one and the least formal of them all – hence the bistrot.

The Mood: Noticeably cosy, warm and busy right away. We had reservations but still had to wait slightly over half an hour for our table, to be fair, it was a Friday night and they seated us downstairs to wait – but it did mean that we went through a bottle of wine BEFORE dinner. Definitely has a great ‘hot-spot’ vibe while still maintaining a very classy atmosphere with booth style, wood décor.

The Service: The servers were overall friendly, but had an air of pretention. They were helpful but not overly. I got the impression that they felt that if you were eating there, you should know about all the ingredients and not ask any questions. On the plus side, the lack of fuss means that you can really enjoy the meal itself and the company you are with.

The Drink: The wine list is predominantly French, which is certainly not a problem in my eyes. I adore French reds. The wine is also surprisingly not too pricey. There are a few bottles that are very expensive as with all restaurants, but for the most part you are looking between £20-£40 ($31.50-$63), which for a restaurant like this, is very welcome.

The Food: The main dishes were not as good as I was anticipating, although they may have been overshadowed by our amazing starter – the escargot. This is the first time I have ever had escargot, and my lord I have been missing out. These were by far the highlight of the meal. For a main, I ordered Pig’s cheek – which was tasty, but I think is the wrong cut of meat for my taste. We also had a Beetroot Risotto, which reminded me of Mistura back in Toronto, and the Sea Bass which I think was the biggest hit. If there is one thing I would recommend on the menu it would undoubtedly be the Escargot.

The Cost: I think for a nice meal here, at least 2 courses and a bottle of wine, you can easily spend £40-£50 ($63-$79), which isn’t too bad. But realistically you’ll get three courses and a couple of bottles of wine. My ideal night would start here with simply a nice bottle of red and the Escargot.

The Rating: 3.5/5


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