Review of The Regent Pub

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The Regent Pub
20-203 Liverpool Road, Islington, London, N1 1LX

Regent Pub

The Place: The Regent Pub makes some incredibly delicious pizza. It also has a great selection of beers and a very cool atmosphere. Given it’s location, I’d say it’s a great meeting spot and I also find I run into people there all the time, especially if they are sitting outside as it has the outdoor seating right on the pavement.

The Mood: The first thing you will notice when you step into the place is the red mood lighting. Right away it makes the place feel cosy and really completes the eclectic vibe of the room.

The Service: This is traditional pub style in that you order your food and beer at the bar and pay in advance. This makes service simple and ultimately you don’t have to worry about a final bill. As a result, the atmosphere is casual, but for a local pizza joint, I really like it. Regardless, the service is still great. They always have extremely friendly people behind the bar and the service is always quick, whether it’s for a pizza or just a drink.

The Drink: I only really ever order beer here as I think pizza and beer is one of the greatest combinations. But they have a great selection of beer, despite being a small pizza place. They have decided to go with more quality, unique beers on tap, which I really enjoy. Trying new beers is always fun as there are just so many out there. They also make a great Bloody Mary, which is lovely to have while sitting in their outdoor seating area, especially after a big night, enjoying a pizza is a great way to recuperate.

The Food: The pizza here is great. I really, really enjoy it. They offer a few salads and things, but their main pieces de resistance is pizza, and when they do it so well, why focus on other things? They have a fantastic list of different kinds, some from the usual parma ham, to extremely inventive pizzas, which I always give a try. They cook the pizzas in a huge wooden oven and the whole kitchen area is basically in the bar, so I often will go and chat to the chefs to see if they are recommending anything that day. I just find that they always have the perfect crust, not too thick and soft, not too thin and crispy. They also aren’t stingy on the toppings. The one thing that is a huge let down about this place, is their chilli oil. I am a massive fan of chilli oil and The Regent just has not figured it out. It looks great, it looks super tasty and spicy and like something I want to drown my pizza in, but it’s not. It’s not tasty, it’s not spicy and I do not want to drown my pizza in it. Because of this I will almost always order a pizza with fresh chilli on it, but sometimes I really want a veggie pizza with an egg, or the mushroom pizza, in which case I don’t want the chilli to be on the pizza, but in the oil I can dip it in. This is a pretty big deal for me, but I try very hard to let it slide because everything else is so good. So just be warned, if you like chilli oil and are at The Regent, give it a taste first before pouring it all over the delicious pizza and being severely disappointed.

The Cost: Pizzas range from £8 – £11 ($13 – $18) which is pretty standard. Beer is not outrageously expensive either.

THE RATING: 4/5 – Mainly because of the chilli oil.


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