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Store Bought For Santa

If you’ve been too busy this holiday season to try Ticket to Tasty’s fabulous cookie recipes (or better yet, you’ve tried them all, but have already eaten every last cookie) fear not – we have shortlisted the best store bought cookies from around the world. Available at your local supermarket, Santa will never know the difference!

Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Cookies ~ USA
Described as a blend of “cool mint, deep rich chocolate, and exquisite cookies,” Pepperidge Farm’s Milano Mint Cookies are sure to satisfy even the most discerning Santa’s sweet tooth. Perhaps you might want to make yourself a plate too . . .

Loacker Classic Vanilla Wafers ~ Italy
Crisp Italian wafers with delicate layers of Vanilla. Not too heavy and just sweet enough, you can easily eat two or three at a time. I’ve even tried dunking them in my milk, which seems like something Santa would also love to do.

Petit Écolier (Little School Boy) Dark Chocolate Cookies ~ France
LU brings us these charming French biscuits, topped with thinly sliced dark chocolate pieces, sporting the distinctive “school boy” motif. The chocolate is rich (you can really taste the 45% cocoa), but the light biscuit bottom tempers it nicely. Santa may hit a lot of houses in one night, but this cookie will surely make yours the most memorable.

President’s Choice Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies ~ Canada
Sweet and salty, these savory cookies combine shortbread with a delectable peanut butter filling. The fine people at PC took them to the next level, dipping the cookies in milk chocolate, and sprinkling them with dry-roasted peanut shavings. New this year, they definitely make for an unexpected treat.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers ~ Scotland
One look at the plaid box, and you know it’s treat time. This is shortbread so buttery that it practically slides down your throat. It sounds so easy to make, and yet people cannot get enough of Walkers’ brand crumbly cookie treats. Don’t forget the milk!

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