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Christmas Cookie Swap

By JUSTINE FROSTAD & CALEIGH HALL   Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry, which is exactly what we did last weekend at our Cookies & Cocktails party. We gathered some of our best girlfriends and told everyone to bring their favourite holiday cookie to share with the group…and these ladies definitely delivered! […]

Personalized Tea Bag Sugar Cookies

by CALEIGH HALL If there’s any way to make someone feel special, it’s through a personalized goodie. That’s why we decided to celebrate our amazing Camp Cucumber mom’s with personalized Tea Bag Sugar Cookies to enjoy during or after the tea party. For the recipe, I used Martha Stewart’s Basic Sugar Cookie recipe, as it […]

Set the Scene ~ Store Bought for Santa

by KATE FROSTAD If you’ve been too busy this holiday season to try Ticket to Tasty’s fabulous cookie recipes (or better yet, you’ve tried them all, but have already eaten every last cookie) fear not – we have shortlisted the best store bought cookies from around the world. Available at your local supermarket, Santa will […]

Peanut Butter Blossoms

By JUSTINE FROSTAD This week’s holiday cookie is one of my personal favourites.  These are truly some of the tastiest, simplest, most adorable holiday treats you can make. Whipping up a batch of these Santa-worthy cookies instantly put me in the holiday spirit.  Since the recipe yields a few dozen cookies there are plenty for […]

Chocolate Butter-Cream Whoopie Pies with Candy Cane

by JUSTINE FROSTAD Holiday Cookie of the Week ~ Chocolate Butter-Cream Whoopie Pies with Candy Cane Whoopie pies are a fantastic fusion of cookie and cake that make for one sensational dessert sandwich.  These fluffy, rich, chocolate cookie cakelettes hold a dollop of sweet vanilla filling, not to mention the attention of any dessert-lover in the […]

Scrumptious Toblerone Shortbread Cookies

by JUSTINE FROSTAD Creamy, crunchy, and sensational – shortbread does not come up short in the taste category. These cookies always transport me to a holiday state of mind, where tasty treats aren’t “off limits” and spending an entire weekend in the kitchen seems like the perfect use of time.  Even though these cookies are simple […]

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